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Supervisors and Periodical Co-Ordinators visit each facility twice weekly.
Their independent observations and perspectives, each time, form the major component of our Quality System.
Our concept is, matters regarding OHS, outcomes, outputs, behaviour, procedure etc. are gradual and are there for observation in daily activity.
They usually build over time.
Two fundamental protocols make up our Quality System.

  1. MidEX Quick Checks (QC) - observations (simple 1 page form) of the matters listed above. Conducted by supervisors and periodical coordinators on an internal/ informal basis. Being Alert – to correct a behaviour or potential unsatisfactory outcome before it develops.
  1. Monthly Audits
  • Our guiding format is the Victorian Healthcare Standards
  • Media : electronic
  • Action – Response Within 7 days unless any matter of urgency
  • Audit and response are electronically transmitted to each facility.