midnight express-srgb


Midnight Express Cleaning was established by David Selvaratnam (B. Engineering) in 1981.
Prior to that, David worked as a cleaner at The Association for the Blind, (Vision Australia) for a private contractor.
In the early ‘80s David commenced work for Brian Ymer of Blue Ribbon Cleaning Services. This was David’s introduction to cleaning Residential Aged Care Services.
For obvious reasons, especially in 1970s’ Melbourne, for those who have met David, David’s nick name at Caulfield Institute of Technology (CIT) was ‘Midnight.’
In Final Year, David had a dark blue sports car which was dubbed Midnight’s Express.
A slightly younger, cavalier David named his fledgling cleaning business Midnight Express.


Midnight Express Cleaning is conscious that our service is a very personal matter to each resident.
MidEX understands that our service requires an input that is empowered by a commitment to the relationship and the trust shared with us.
This is the MidEX spirit.